We support ourselves with a constant commitment in order to align our services to the needs of economic and international contexts. Reading the current transformations, understanding and explaining the needs, anticipating and giving the correct answers let us develop training activities in many specialized fields, job placement services, self-employment pathways, technical assistance and consultancy services.

For companies

We work with companies to respond to their need for constant skills updating: our courses catalog and custom training solutions let companies boost their employees professional performances. We support companies in planning, fulfilment and loan of custom training plans with the Interprofessional Funds. We follow and guide them in recruiting staff.

For people

We organize and carry out highly qualifying and professional postgraduate and master courses. Our courses are focused on single professional themes and they always develop in a close link with companies and their needs. We constantly realize catalog courses and financed courses (thanks to regional and European contributions) to make our training available to the highest number of people.

We have increased and modified our thematic areas according to the needs of the market which asks for resources with a real professional training. This is why our teachers come from the business world and share their real and direct experience to our students. Almost all of our courses are paired with stages in our customer companies: this to avoid the interruption between theory and practice and to advantage the transition of students in the world of work.

We are involved in projects with both Italian and foreign public administrations to spread our know-how and best practices to territories.

International dimension

We have been working as active European, national and regional projects partner with many different countries and partners for over 20 years. We carry out with them training systems actions of qualification, education and experimentation paths to improve the approach to the labor market.

This international dimension has enriched our know-how, confirming our innovative attitude and capability of exchanging and transferring the best European practices.