Technical assistance to Public Administration

We design and manage regional and national complex initiatives, system actions, technical assistance and financed good practice transfer financed for Public Administrations and other Institutions

Over the years we have developed a multidimensional approach considering the cross of “objectives – targer – results” in the project phase thanks to a consultancy method based on moments of direct observation of the analyzed phenomena and moments of interaction and dialogue with the client in order to allow an effective study of the results. We act as developer, lead partner or project partner. We also provide technical assistance to public or private partners in the following phases:

  • Project Design
  • Implementation
  • Administrative management
  • Financial management
  • Accountability
  • Monitoring and evaluation of operations

We also operate for hire or with competition announcements, technical assistance and public and private scouting.

Public administration recruiting

Over the years we developed such services:

  • Increase the CPI offer of advanced services related to recruiting by raising the level of interaction and integration with labor policies
  • Improve the CPI functioning and organization defining innovative service and management models
  • Raise the competence level of the subjects involved in the process
  • Increase the interaction between CPI, territory and institutions (public and private) in order to grant an useful management of the labor market dynamics
  • Promote the work active policies legislative tools by allowing the match between supply and demand
  • Promote the training tools for recruiting
  • Use and promote the work guidance and counseling tools such guidance interventions for the formulation of a professional project
  • Use and promote the guidance and training tools of all the young people who have finished or that are finishing their school and university education and adults looking for employment or repositioning in the labor market

Our experiences and the thematic areas in which we work

  • Organization of study visits and experiences abroad to transfer good practices
  • Entrepreneurship and work support
  • Active employment policies
  • Social inclusion
  • Training systems, skills recognition and certification, training of trainers

How we work

  • National and regional dimension
  • Strong integration with European Union policies and priorities and with the local context
  • The private and public multiple-actor partnerships
  • Focus on R&D of innovative products and methods (E-learning)

What we offer

We work as lead project partner and institution. We also work as technical assistant to both private and public subjects during the design, financial and administrative management, development, reporting, monitoring and evaluation phases. We also operate for hire or with competition announcements, technical assistance and public and private scouting.


IFOA – Sede di Reggio Emilia
Via G. Giglioli Valle, 11
Alessandra Nironi – 0522 329276
Email – nironi@ifoa.it

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