Code of ethics and conduct

The June 8, 2001 N. 231 “Discipline of the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations also without legal personality” law for the first time in our legal system has introduced in criminal proceedings the responsibility of the legal entity, in addition to the physical person who materially carried out the unlawful act.

According to the 231/2001 law we adopted a security and management model in order to prevent the offenses expected by the law itself. The rules of behavior contained in the model are integrated with the Code of Ethics and Conduct that we adopted and which is inspired by the ethical and deontological principles that we recognize as the foundation of our culture.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is a set of values and behavioral principles which inspire IFOA Management Board, employees, ATI/ATS and RT partners, suppliers and anyone who will deal with us directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily.We promote the principles of our Code of Ethics and Conduct also with clients and customers in order to keep our economic relationships professional and honest.

So the objective of our Code is based on the economic efficiency and accuracy of every kind of professional relations we have. The result is transparency and positive reputation. The Code of Ethics and Conduct is an economic, social, relational and financial guideline with focus on conflicts of interest, relations with competitors, customers, suppliers, Public Administration, Local Institutions. It explains and report the ethical standards of all our partners.