International network and partnerships

For over 20 years IFOA has built a wide and strong international network with multiple partnerships with both public and private subjects such as organizations, expert pools, consultants and teachers from all over the world

IFOA works with the Italian (UnionCamere) and European (Eurochambres) Chambers of Trade  and collaborates with many Italian Chambers of Trade abroad (Rete Assocamere Estero).

IFOA is the founder and Head Office of the Ulixes Consortium, a European Group of Economic Interest (GEIE), which has been working since 1994 on Professional Training and Active Labor Policies, involving Training Agencies, Colleges, Business Schools, Chambers of Commerce of different countries of the European Union.

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Consorzio Ulixes

IFOA is also an official member of the Brussels based EfVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training), the prestigious pan-European network of institutions and professionals of professional education and training. With over 200 members representing more than 1500 training institutions in 25 countries in Europe, it promotes the quality and innovation of Technical and Professional Education and Training.

IFOA is also member of Chain 5, the “community of practice” that groups national and international associations, employers, student organizations, universities, colleges, research centers, professional training institutions that deal with the development of the training courses of the level 5 in the European Qualifications Framework, in Italy corresponding to the paths of Higher Technical Education.

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IFOA – Reggio Emilia Headquarter
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Marilena Pippo – 0522 329322
Email – m.pippo@ifoa.it