Courses and master

We are renowned among young people for our post-graduate Master courses and dozens of courses for secondary school graduates.

Masters and courses designed and developed in IFOA, by specific working groups that focus on individual professional families, in close collaboration with businesses and specifically targeting their needs.

IFOA’s training methodologies comply with tried-and-tested standards of effectiveness and quality, and are delivered using state-of-the-art teaching methods.

Our name is an additional assurance for our students for finding a job that is coherent with their training.

Through our European Social Fund training, delivered with regional and provincial funding, we are able to offer learning paths for those who are looking for a job or wish to improve their own professional profile.

And we pursue the same objectives by advising and guiding businesses, using one of the most recent tools available to the training world: Inter-professional Funds


Information & Communication Technology
Marketing Sales and Internationalisation
Human Resources Organisation and Development
Administration Control and Finance
Operations and Organisation of Company Processes
Management Skills
Environment and Energy Saving
Safety at work
Large-scale retail
Food processing


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