About us

Since 1971 we work to maintain and strengthen the link between people and companies: we define ourselves as a real bridge that people can travel to reach the work market.
“Useful Knowledge” is our heritage, transferring it is our goal.

We are a Training and Employment Agency born from the Chambers of Trade will: a combination that allows us to offer growth paths, training, professionalization and employment programs.
We work both on national and international levels driven by the desire of transferring useful knowledge to people, businesses and territories.
As a non-profit organization, we develop our activities according to the rules of an ethical code based on individual professional growth.

Our values

We work everyday with passion and inspiration for companies and people.

• We care about companies that generates worth through people and work
• We believe in young people’s ability to develop companies and businesses
• We believe that companies and society growth begins with a single person growth
• We build relationships with responsibility, ethics and transparency
• We believe in entrepreneurial skills values and esteem as social success tools

Our Fields of Activities

We develop projects for companies, individuals and territories through many different programs in all these Fields:

• Vocational Education and Training Systems
• Active labour market measures
• Technical Assistance to Public Administration
• Development, certification and recognition of competences
• Entrepreneurship and business start-up
• Social inclusion and equal opportunities
• Mobility, study visits and exchange of best practices
• Information & Communication Technology
• Marketing Sales and Internationalisation
• Human Resources Organisation and Development
• Administration Control and Finance
• Operations and Organisation of Company Processes
• Management Skills
• Environment and Energy Saving
• Safety at work
• Large-scale retail
• Food processing
• Tourism
• Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

The Useful Knowledge

Our training is based on a know-how developed on constant and intense relationships with companies. We draw from companies, professionals and “on-the-field” operators to define our training offer and foster our rich faculty.

That’s why we are able to dispense useful training:

Useful for the ones who is working and wants to improve
Useful for young people who want to approach the world of work
Useful for who want to achieve the necessary skills to work on new technologies and innovative processes

How was Ifoa born

It’s in the hardworking Reggio Emilia that IFOA story begun. Founded in 1971 by the Chamber of Trade, Reggio Emilia offices has always been the company headquarters and the heart and tradition of our Useful Knowledge.

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