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2019-2021 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships-exchange of good practices
MigraCode is an E+ cooperation by various Non-Profit Organisations that promotes labour integration and social inclusion of refugees and migrants. By exchanging best practices in supporting them with the development of advanced programming skills, the project foster connection to the labour market and supports long-term integration.

The project’s framework is built through transnational cooperation by the Open Cultural Center (OCC) from Spain and Greece, Social Hackers Academy from Greece (SHA) and AICA and IFOA from Italy.

E+/KA108 Accreditation of Higher Education Mobility Consortia: the aim of this consortium is to create a systemic method of organization of curricular internships abroad for ITS students and of study tours for staff with joint methodologies and actions.

INTERMOVE for trainers
E+/KA202 project focused on cross-cultural and language skills development, intercomprehension tools for trainers to work on interculturaly, inclusion and language learning.
#interculturality #intercomprehension

Tutorbot for VET
E+/KA202 project designing new digital learning support tools, integrating chatbots into learning paths to offer additional learning strategies as open educational resources.
#digital innovation #tutorbot

CREOPSS+ – Formation pour Entrepreneur(e) de l’économie solidaire et du développement durable ayant une dimension Européenne
E+/KA204 project promoting new approaches in entrepreneurship training, combing social impact to European dimension and management skills.
#entrepreneurship #sustainability

CULINART: Designing a Joint VET Qualification in Culinary Arts and Pilot Pathways for Continuing Training
E+/KA3 project designing a new qualification in Culinary Arts (EQF 4) to promote VET employability and international mobility in the agro-food and tourism sector.
#agro-food #sustainable tourism #employability

UMJ – Understanding my Journey: Supporting Soft Skills Development for Young People
E+/KA205 project focused on Soft Skills Development, supporting young people in recognizing and giving value to SSD in terms of employability impact.
#soft skills development #employability

3D4VET – Adapting 3D printing to Additive Manufacturing VET Studies
E+/KA202 project developing 3D competence for VET students and a learning platform for trainers focused on 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing) and its multi-domain possibilities of application.
#4.0 #3D #additive manufacturing

IC EU – Intercomprehension for European Citizenship
E+/KA205 project creating a toolkit for youth workers focused on intercomprehension, plurilingual communication, and active citizenship, promoting mobility thanks to language and intercultural skills.
#intercomprehension #active citizenship #interculturality

E+/KA202 project promoting innovative ICT approach for VET students and teachers, developing a web platform and a mobile app for education and learning.
#4.0 #digital #citizenship

iid VET – Improving and implementing dual VET
E+ KA2 project improving the Dual system model in Portugal, Italy and Spain through cooperation with Austria and Germany. Designing peer learning workshops, training sessions, and producing guidelines for Dual system implementation.
#dual system

DECOLANG – Developing language, social and civic skills through oral practice
E+/KA105 seminar in Paris (FR) sharing best practices in language learning and oral production for inclusion of children, youth and adults with migrant background or from minorities.
#interculturality #intercomprehension #language learning #inclusion

FFS – Floury Food Safety training from virtual to reality for youth
Erasmus+/KA205 project promoting new training opportunities for the Floury Food production sector. Meeting professionals and experts from the education and training world in all partner countries, to design a blended learning path for young employees and students.
#floury food #agro-food #sustainability

SET APP – Supporting Enterprises Towards APPrenticeship
E+/KA3 project promoting apprenticeship, empowering the role of local IOs to support SMEs and creating territorial pacts for an innovative work-based learning approach.
#employability #apprenticeship

Erasmus+/KA202 project analyzing the ROI (Return on Investment) of International mobility experiences in terms of employability and personal development impacts.
#international mobility #ROI

Erasmus+/KA204 project to improve NEET’s employability through upskilling trainers, educators, counsellors and youth workers with innovative training and tools.
#career guidance #personal development #employability

VET 4.0
Erasmus+/KA202 project developing innovative training tools for students and trainers to face the 4.0 revolution challenges (digital fabrication, robotics, cloud computing, IoT).
#mechanics #manufacturing #digital #4.0

Erasmus+/KA203 project about cooperative learning in the area of mechanical manufacturing design, for VET students in multi localized working environments, both onsite and online.
#international mobility #mechanics #manufacturing

Erasmus+/KA202 project developing training pathways for mobility trainees and mentors focused on intercomprehension of languages and cultural competence (EN, ES, IT, FR, PT).
#intercultural competence #language learning #international mobility #learning facilitation

Erasmus+/KA202 project improving employability of HVET students, and piloting innovative actions for a better management in HVET systems to bridge the gap among local economic and training contexts.
#VET system #HVET management

Erasmus+/KA102 mobility project offering to 145 young people in high-specialization post-secondary ITS and IFTS courses (Higher Technical Schools) of Region Emilia-Romagna, the opportunity to live a work experience in a EU company abroad for about 2 months; and a 4 days study visit program for 25 ITS and IFTS staff.
#international mobility

Erasmus+/KA202 project developing learning opportunities for trainers and professional profiles connected to green economy and sustainability.
#green #sustainability

Erasmus+/KA202 project to exchange experiences in VET with a focus on vocational school students and their learning needs toward employment.
#VET system

Erasmus+/KA202 project developing e-learning and blended training courses focused on Sustainable Tourism, and a train the trainer course to develop digital learning skills.
#sustainable tourism #ict #e-learning #digital learning

YouthCoach Logo

Erasmus+/KA202 project sharing 4 EU best practices focused on youth employability and inclusion, developing tools and a train-the-trainer program for professionals and young people facing unemployment risk.
#teamwork #personal development #conflict management #employability

Erasmus+/KA200 project promoting employability, creating matching strategies between companies and young graduates with week VET qualifications, integrating companies in learning pathways.
#VET system #employability

Erasmus+/KA102 mobility project offering to 100 young people in high-specialization post-secondary ITS courses (Higher Technical Schools) of Region Emilia-Romagna, the opportunity to live a work experience in a EU company abroad for about 2 months.
#international mobility
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